Monday, 14 August 2017


Four Steps on how to track a stolen android phone

No tricks, this is just a simple and easy way to track your stolen phone, perhaps delete your files and lock the phone of which you and only you can unlock the phone.

If you buy an android phone the first thing you must do is to sign in your google account.

Step 1. Go to your native browser in your laptop or pc (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox…. Chrome more preferable).

Step 2. Go to and search on “google find my mobile”

Step 3. The next page you will see will be asking you to provide your Gmail account. Input the current google account (Gmail) u registered in your mobile phone.

Step 4. After the input of you Gmail account and password, a map will be displayed showing a land mark of the current location of your android phone.

Other options are still open like (ringing your mobile phone for 5 minute, locking your device and displaying a message to the adopter of your phone, and deleting your data for security purposes).

And that is how you can track your mobile phone without any stress.

Post By Gabriel Moses (Contributor).