Friday, 20 November 2015

How to create a cool greeting card using corel draw step by step tutorial


In this tutorial we are using corel draw graphic studio version x3, be advise, follow every steps to accomplish this tutorial, I know you can do with me…. Let get our hand on desk…


Select paper type ‘Photo card’ and change from portrait to landscape format.
Pick a rectangle tool, (F6) for quick select tool.


Select shape tool from tool box, (F5) for Quick Select tool.
Ø  Convert rectangle to curves, right click on the rectangle ‘convert to curves’
Ø  Create a point at the first horizontal line, drag down the point down, convert to curves… like below...

Ø  Click on the left point arrange and shape your rectangle like the one below…

Ø  Import background to workspace download the one i used on this tutorial here
Ø  Position and powerclip your background to the rectangle
ü  Goto effect tab scroll down to powerclip rollover to 
"place inside container". then click on the rectangle.
Ø  After that, Right click on the rectangle, select ‘edit contents’ to edit and arrange background  to fit the rectangle …
Ø  Right click to ‘finish editing this level’ remove BORDER OUTLINE SET TO NONE.


Ø  Select eclipse tool, (F7) for quick select tool.
Ø  Hold down ctrl to create an eclipse of  " Width =54.915 mm and Height=53.814 mm " anyway it turn out just fine, make sure it fit your content.
Ø  Increase the outline width, set outline color, and inside color to the one below…

Ø  Duplicate the rectangle and shape to the one like below...
Ø  Add drop-down shadow effect’  and select ‘preset to flat bottom left’.

Ø  Finalize your arrangement first.

Ø  Create three eclipses of same size like the one above…
Ø  Position one at the back of the rectangle like the one below…
Ø  Press ctrl + PgDn to send the selected objected to back… or simply order...
ØMake a pie

Ø  use the top right arrow to ‘start and ending angles’  till you get half of it.
Ø  Arrange your object to fit, like below


Ø  Note: we have used three eclipse from the ones we duplicated.
Ø  Use the remaining one to roundup your design, add shadow effect to the top shape, the second and the light green shape (Eclipse) except the last one. like below
Ø  Import Flower to work Space Flower 1 Flower 2
Ø  Finish up your work with your own write-up... Enjoy Big-time
Ø  Fonts used on this tutorial are
                                                                                                              i.      Chiller
                                                                                                            ii.      Lily UPC
                                                                                                          iii.      Channel
                                                                                                          iv.      Wingding 3 (System Font)
                                                                                                            v.      Arial Black (System Font)

Finished work preview here

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See you around sometime....

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