Thursday, 19 November 2015

website designing tips for beginners

WEBSITE DESIGNING: tips 4 beginners
Designing your own website, is a whole lot easier, than how had you think of it having the knowledge and ideas of creating just a facebook page or blogger, you can set up your own website with your own domain name.
What do I need to set up my own website?
 This actually depend on what, feature and functionality you want on your website.
Take a deep breath teach yourself HML and CSS, building some blocks of website on internal you can hook up with w3schools, I do recommend that to you.
HML (hypertext markup language, communing referred to as) HML, is standard markup language used to create website you can thank of HML as the skeleton that gives every webpage structure.
Check “www consortium for full due and links to all the HML specification visit
this is not the only way you can take there are many website builders to create a great looking website, sometimes they provide with domain name and web space in a package.
Price tag on building a website myself?

Is there any free software?  Yes there are many free tools you can find to build your website option out the time your created to design your own website, to create a website by yourself is not high, it can even be free without business features’’
In case you want to build your website built by professional, check out labs (myself I had great experiences with odesk) this will give you a whole idea of prices as web designers if you chose to use a site builder, price will be roughly in between $5-15 USD per month including domain name (.com, or . net for example) choosing free plans, will pop ads your site, I found two great website builders” 
  1. Simplereg
  2. Jimdo
  3. Weebly

Jimdos site builder is based on one key idea above all else; ease of use in every way. Jimdo aims to remove all barriers to enable you to create your own professional website, regardless of whether you are a restaurant owner, band member or freelancer. This website builders produce professional looking websites­­                 
        Functionally and design options use to be very limited with the first generation of website builders.
If  you really want a website you can option time todesign your site by yourself, really need a responsive website? you need some serious work and effort.... goodluck..


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