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Wall Clone Social Network Script 2.0

The Wall Clone Social Network Script

Facebook Style Wall Clone

Group Wall

User Wall

User Profile

Welcome to our social networking script fully customizable, easy to implement, this script gives you access to build your own social website in minute or two. This script is easy to understand, clean coded, fully functional and incorporated with amazing social features inspired by 9lessons. So, if you are working on a website in which you want to put some amazing features for users like wall, comments, images, friends, notifications, fan page and many others then this script is perfect for your website. 

Building such features from scratch is almost 4 months dedicated job and lot of effort and research as well. But this stand alone script can be used in any php website after doing some customization accordingly. This is a perfect wall script in small application form, easy to understand coding style,secure and a complete small application. Packed with advanced features, extremely flexible and easy to customize,

Introducing the new script with wall Clone v2.0 enrich social networking functions.Some months later I did a previous version of the wall Clone 1.0. This script idea was out of my imagination, introducing powerful features, like talk, OEmebd URL extension system like/Share and several features.

Download Script

Database design for Wall Clone. Contains the tables users,post, friends, messages, comments, conversation, groups, group_users, update, comment_like, conversation, Conversation_replay,  and notification recently added table,

All, introducing the most awesome social network functions, such as private conversations as/share updates and improve the expanding system URL. Please take a quick look at this demonstration.

All new design

The new design was strongly inspired from 9lessons Wall Script 8.0.


Wall Clone has been developed using open source software.

PHP – Server side scripting.

Jquery – Ajax based JavaScript library.

Bootstrap – Fron-end framework for responsive design.

MySQL – Open-source relational database management system (RDBMS).

OEmbed – Format for allowing an embedded representation of a URL on third party sites.

HTML5 & CSS3 – Front end design.


Main Features are

  1. Real Time Wall Script 
  2. Post comment on Wall 
  3. Pictures uploading and Sharing  
  4. Share location
  5. Use @ sign to reference user
  6. # tag enable, for emphasis
  7. Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion URL Fetching and Sharing
  8. Share Website Link, Like/Dislike Comments
  9. Comments on any user post
  10. Preview and upload profile picture like (facebook)
  11. Upload cover image like (facebook)
  12. Followers/Following like (Twitter)
  13. LightBox Photo gallery
  14. Create Fan Group
  15. Group like/dislike
  16. Post on Group Wall
  17. Comment On Group post
  18. Share Image with Group users
  19. Create conversation, display last message
  20. Notifications Module (Alerts about friends activities in FB style)  
  21. Easy Login and Singup for Users
  22. Two Walls (Profile & News Feed) with FB Style
  23. Friend Module (Follow, Unfollow and Search friends, Groups)  
  24. More
This comes with a responsive and user friendly interface. With Wall Clone you can create your own social network website for your business, your university, your school, your sports club or support your customers.


Free setup, updates and support.

Powerful Social Network Software

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