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Email Forwarding tutorials

Email forwarding with namesilo

Email forwarding is automatically directing email sent from one address to a different email address. This is an important tool for many people with domain names who would like customized email addresses but do not want to create additional accounts for each domain. For example, if you had an existing email address of, and then registered the domain, you could use email forward to direct to your existing email address.

Free with every domain
100 email forward addresses
Catch-all email forward*
Up to 5 addresses for each email forward
* While utilizing a catch-all account may seem like a good idea, typically their use should be avoided because of two problems they cause: 1) receiving a lot of additional spam and 2) incorrect/confusing email address use.

This can be challenging to many, as google introduce 30 days free trial with custom email address, which never lasted as you want it to be, and you don’t want to pay a dine to google to host your email, this article is for namesilo users who have purchase domain on namesilo or you intend to purchase a domain and looking for these services offered my these company, namesilo provide free email forwarding, helps you to manage and direct all messages send to your custom email address, you wouldn’t want to worry about managing more than one email address at a time.
This is what I mean, your original mail is  and all you want is something like this or whatever way, you just have to forward all your messages send to to that way you got a professional email address,  just in case there is a miss type on your mail, all messages will redirect to,  that sound great any way, you wouldn’t like some other person reading your mails. This article will going to cover all those error and sort of mistake.
Purchase a domain @, there you can catch all name about your domain, this option is very important in case there is a mistype on your email address. This means that with catch all option you don’t have to worry about any error users will make, let say you setup Email forward as direct all messages to, even as uses type or or something silly like messages send to these email will still forward to your original, that’s pretty cool right?   Follow the setup below to configure your email forwarding.


Go to ‘domain manger’, there you will be directed to your domain portfolio, click on your domain name several option will appear on domain console page, use this page to manage.

Click on your domain and navigate to email forwording, click on configuration

File the form below that is all... 

Then hit submit button you are forwarded


Stating sending mail to

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