Friday, 21 October 2016

Forum Script 1.0

The Ideas Forum Script V1.0

TheIdeas Script is a pre-Developed forum script for web developers, schools, Fans page, public figures, and clubs etc for their own forum use.


Template Designed With Botstrap 3x

Template is bulit with bootstrap 3x version, and above, it contains lots of icon sets, mobile friendly design, SEO uptimimized and custom theme design.

Email Confirmation

To avoid sapms, confirm email address, this will go a long way to help you overcome inccorect email address.

Login Alert

Protect your account an always know when you logged in, keepting you on the move.

Topics/Board Followed  

Always know what board you subscribed and topics you are follwing. this helps you get the latest out of that board or topics yo subscribed.

Current Birthday

Get to know how many users on your forum are celebarating their birthday...

Logged In Member

how many registered memeber of your forum are curently active and the keepting the forum interactive...

Guest online

Display number of guest currently active on your forum uisng this pre-developed forum script.

BBcode Parser

Allow only specifics format of codes to use on your forum to avoid injections and spams.


Directly quote a user statement posted by another user with a single click...

Post Details

Get a full details of a perticular topiccreated. such as 'number of comments, number of viewers and category topic belongs...

How to Install

Easy to install procedure, download zip file, upload downloaded zip file to root directory on your server, configure database connection by modifying the config.php file, located at the root dir, forum is set and running

Theideas Forum 1.0

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