Sunday, 1 January 2017

FeedBurner Alternative - Stop Using FeedBurner is Dead

Welcome back guys, today i am going to show you why you should stop using feedburner and move to some other better alternatives. FeedBurner is Dead. You need to stop using Feedburner.

In 2014 since I started I setup feedburner for codexpress, but just recently a week ago I decide to stop using this service.

In this post, I will talk about why you should avoid and stop using FeedBurner. If somewhat you’re already using it, then i will show you why you need to stop using FeedBurner, and how you can swap to reliable FeedBurner alternatives.

One there API is dead and some features they can’t provide for example validating subscribed users before letting them to download a file on your website that is one major issue I stop using feedburner.

FeedBurner hasn’t seen any features or updates for a long period of time as we can remember. FeedBurner API was taken down. They also retired the AdSense for Feeds feature. All of this happened in 2012.

Feedburner is an essential service tied to your blog is an add-on service and let you know who sign up for your blog through RSS. RSS is a web technology that means “really simple syndication” So it means it a web base technology which let other program to fetch content from your website.

FeedBurner is Google’s RSS feed management service that many bloggers relied upon several years ago (What is RSS?). While Google hasn’t shut it down yet, it has been rumored for quite some time that Google is going to shut it down.

Note: Feedburner at normal takes feed from your website automatically that is originally created by your website (blog) and generate new URL to track anyone who sign up from your website to provide better service.

So, the most relevant side to get, is that it enables more ways for users to “signup” (subscribe) to your website, and then enable you to see a number on how many users that have taken a goal action to follow your website.
Normally, the icon shown below is little more relevant if your are tracking metrics (number of clicks, views etc.) for your website.

FeedBurner Alternatives
Now apart from users analytics and ability monetize with AdSense, FeedBurner enabled two main features that bloggers loved which let them stick with this services.
FeedBurner gave bloggers a nice and better way to display their RSS feed with options of letting users to share their content with other social media networks.
FeedBurner enable a free and easy way for users to sign up to your website through Email address.
Now take a look at FeedBurner with alternatives that are better.
I found Mail Chimp that I recent swap, that have a lot of features you will need

  • ·        Create. Email Beamer. Email Designer. Email Templates. Merge Tags. ...
  • ·        Manage. Advanced Segmentation. Pro. Custom Forms. Segmentation and Groups. ...
  • ·        Deliver. Abandoned Cart. Paid. Automation. ...
  • ·        Analytics. A/B Testing. Comparative Reports. Pro. ...
  • ·        Mobile. MailChimp Mobile. MailChimp Snap. MailChimp Subscribe.
  • ·        Share. Campaign Archives. Social Profiles. Paid.
  • ·     Integration to your blogger account for auto feed display and other social networking system

This came as part of setting up a demo website service for codexpress where I need to verify users that have signed up to download our snippets and programs.
Learn more about Feedburner Google service here:

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