Friday, 24 February 2017

My New Year Resolution

Hey guys how have you been all these while? I'm little bit OK for my new year resolution plan, kind of thing that i found interesting. Somehow, somewhat it all happened right? did your resolution worked for you? or did you even had one? haha. Sorry i don't wanna break rules here as part of my resolution, because life is for learning and learning for life, the difference between wrongs and right.

        Today is going to mark one of my most happiest day in my life, it's been 23 years as i give a  dam chance for Military job here in Nigeria, i have passion, love for combats, weapons, armory, jungle runs and training, i think is a time i give a thought about it, this year is super awesome for me with all this military and weapons stuff it will make a long run and a huge differences. 
So, it's 2017 again with this military stuff on my new year resolution plan, finally got the form picked and called for test into the Nigeria Airforce this is wonderful. 

Now, today been sat, 25-02-2017 is gonna make it all happen with some extra few benefit, i have been in Port harcourt, choba to be precise for few days now with a friend Governor George, I never had a sweet night since then, spending my whole night on UNIPORT School campus preparing for today test, pretty awesome right? that's what i thought as well. I'm not going to dump my programming skill these are extra few benefit to my career  i build around Military. Anyway i will be at 115 Special Operations Group, Nigerian Air Force, Port-Harcourt.  before 9:00 am in the morning.

Why Join Nigerian Airforce

This stuff really wired me out every time i give a thought, because this is the career i choose for myself all these life. I'm going to this airforce, military of a thing because i want to be, this will really gonna make me feel good and better, salary is a secondary option for me, I always wanted to know thing that makes me happy. so choose this life, me and myself with my playmate(Short Gun) riding along the beach fishing and hunting for demons on the rough side of heaven, i am that man i really want to be all these years hope you understand...

Talk is cheap, how about my parents? are they really proud of this my new year resolution, aaah that's alot to ask, pretty sure i think they do, my Dad have been hunting animals for some years and some time i go hunting with him on weekend sunrise days, this really over whelm and triggered this eagerness to join the Airforce, willingness, able and ready all the time.

I love travelling most of the time, i never had the chance to travel around country with my Dad, like going to some fishing, tourist, business trip and all that stuff never kick off.

So, if you're reading this probably i got less than 5 hours left to be there, promised to never make the mistake they made. maybe this new resolution gonna work out well. Ahh hmm never had a new year resolution before anyway. 

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